The Gray Wolf Throne: Entertainment For All

The Gray Wolf Throne is the third book in Cinda Williams Chima’s Seven Realms series. Princess Raisa ana’ Marianna has left the school at Ogden’s Ford where she hid after running away from a forced marriage the previous year. She must get home because her claim to the throne of the Fells is at stake, and possibly the line itself. But she is being pursued by assassins. Although her mother’s Captain of the Guard finds her to help her get home, her way is still not easy. Also trying to find her is Han Alister, one-time gang chief and now student in wizardry at Ogden’s Ford. He fell in love with Raisa when she was under the guise of Rebecca Morley and has no idea she is a princess.

Raisa’s main goals are to solidify her place as heir apparent, deal with conspiracies abounding in the capital, and find out who is trying to kill her. She is particularly distrustful of the wizard family Bayer, who seek power, and have tried to influence her mother and her sister.

Han is on his own journey. He wants to support the woman he loves, but can’t reconcile his love for Rebecca Morley with the royals he blames for his family’s death.

A real page-turner, The Gray Wolf Throne will keep you captivated. It’s A Game of Thrones for teens, but all will enjoy it.

Court of Fives: A Win

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott is the story of Jessamy (Jes for short), a girl who lives in a society in which the Patrons rule and the Commoners are seen as inferior. Her father is a Patron, a well-respected military officer, and her mother is a Commoner. She lives with them and her three sisters raised as Patrons, although her parents could never marry.

Though raised as a Patron, Jes longs to take part in a game known as the Fives, which she does behind her father’s back. She meets a Kalliarkos, a Patron boy, in the competition, and they become unlikely friends. When her family is torn apart by Kaliarkos’ evil uncle, Jes sets herself on a mission to save the Commoners from their oppression and to uncover secrets of the Patrons and of the Fives.

Adventure, mysticism, and a growing love between Jes and Kalliarkos mark this book as a must-read young adult fantasy.