Time Changes Everything

by Jane Craig Sebok

Tired of being bullied, high-school senior and science whiz Caitlin vows to become popular before leaving Piney Ridge High School forever. Befriended by head cheerleader Evie, she gets introduced to the cool crowd and even scores a date with the football team captain. But soon Caitlin finds herself in situations she is unprepared for, which leads her to a drastic decision: get out of Piney Ridge!

While attempting to run away, Caitlin is mysteriously transported into a time of cassette decks, pay phones, and disco dancing. It’s the late 1970s, she is a sophomore at Cottonwood College… and her roommate looks surprisingly familiar. It’s her own mother, Beth! Caitlin must now learn to negotiate her way through a pre-internet time while reconciling her outgoing, free-spirited roommate Beth with her serious mother. More importantly, she must figure out why she is there and how to get home!

ISBN 978-1977202130 | 202 pages | $15.95

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