Flashmob Kills

Flashmob by Christopher Fransworth tells the story of John Smith, a bodyguard with a twist. He’s psychic. Not only can he read minds, he can put simple thoughts into people’s heads. This skill can help him get out of danger by, for instance, convincing his attacker he had been shot in the leg or has a punctured lung. With his attacker disabled, Smith can make good his escape.

Smith gets into trouble after he foils an attack on a former client while attending her wedding. Using his telepathy, he finds out about an online site called Downvote developed to manipulate people, specifically to attack someone who rises to the top of the online list of hated individuals. His investigation takes him all over the world looking for Downvote’s mastermind, Godwin, who is trying to kill him.

Not a book I would normally classify as “alternative fiction,” Flashmob is more of a thriller, with both fantastical and futuristic elements. The fantastical elements are, of course, Smith’s mental abilities, the futuristic the program behind the scenes at Downvote. This is an excellent book, particularly if you are drawn more to the thriller genre. The “alternative” elements are fun, though perhaps not enough to satisfy true “alternative” fans.