Noumenon Infinity: Quite a Journey

Noumenon Infinity by Marina J.  Lostetter is the story of a deep space mission to study a distant star. The mission consists of twelve generational ships, which use clone technology to perpetuate the crews.

However, at the last minute, the original Convoy 12 is scrapped and replaced with a convoy headed not for deep space but for the edges of the solar system. Their mission: to study Sub-Dimensional Travel. Unlike the other convoys, they have regular supply ships and are not involved in reproduction by clone technology. But an accident has them traveling further in both time and space than any other.

Noumenon Infinity follows Convoy 12 and deep-space Convoy 7 in their captivating adventures over thousands of years. Although their journeys are separate, they are interlocked, one discovering weird alien machines and the other meeting the aliens themselves.

There are a lot of surprises in this book. I am reminded of Heinlein and Clarke in these pages, along with some hint of Star Trek. But Lostetter puts her own twist to the story, giving us cause to wonder about the future of humanity. Some things never change and others change a great deal. Give it a read.