Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul is a young adult fantasy novel. Kale is a 14-year-old ex-slave on her way to the big city of Vendala to develop her ability to find dragon eggs. Of course, as often happens in books of this sort, she never makes it there, but instead gets in trouble with some big, bad creatures, only to be rescued by some smaller creatures who know how to do these things. Then, still not having reached her goal, she is asked to go on a quest.

Dragonfall has seven high races (good guys) and seven low races (bad guys), which we must keep track of. The bad guys seem to differ by height, coloring and amount of hair, and type of clothing, though the good guys are much more diverse. It makes it a little tricky to keep everyone straight but doesn’t detract too much from the plot.

This is a fun book, Kale is a great character, naïve but capable and willing to learn. Her friends are sometimes helpful, sometimes obstacles, but you will enjoy them.

As Kale is 14, you won’t  be surprised that the book is probably best for 12- or 13-year-olds, but if you’re an adult with a lightness in your heart, you will enjoy it as well.