Court of Fives by Kate Elliott is the story of Jessamy (Jes for short), a girl who lives in a society in which the Patrons rule and the Commoners are seen as inferior. Her father is a Patron, a well-respected military officer, and her mother is a Commoner. She lives with them and her three sisters raised as Patrons, although her parents could never marry.

Though raised as a Patron, Jes longs to take part in a game known as the Fives, which she does behind her father’s back. She meets a Kalliarkos, a Patron boy, in the competition, and they become unlikely friends. When her family is torn apart by Kaliarkos’ evil uncle, Jes sets herself on a mission to save the Commoners from their oppression and to uncover secrets of the Patrons and of the Fives.

Adventure, mysticism, and a growing love between Jes and Kalliarkos mark this book as a must-read young adult fantasy.